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January 13, 2022

Christmas fun in Dubai

Dubai may not be an ideal destination for those wishing to spend a snow-white Christmas. But the reality is that, contrary to most people’s beliefs, due to the intermingling of different cultures and nationalities in Dubai, a passionate and attractive Christmas awaits tourists. So that “Christmas celebration in Dubai” becomes an unforgettable memory for you.

Christmas in Dubai gives you a unique atmosphere in every part of the city. You can celebrate Christmas in groups in every corner of Dubai. These are all exciting New Year’s Eve events throughout Dubai, from festive music markets and concerts to winter terraces and cozy ski lodges. In this article from UTRUS, you will learn ten reasons that make you love spending the Christmas holidays in Dubai.

Have a magnificent home party

If you are hosting a Christmas party at home, you can find the best arrangements for the Christmas party, whether with your friends before a trip or with relatives who have stayed at home. Many good hotels and restaurants in Dubai deliver festive dishes such as turkey to your home on Christmas Day. Nevertheless, you can host a flawless banquet.

Go to a winter terrace.

While Dubai is famous for its sunshine and sand, there are plenty of restaurants in place that brighten up the winter and Christmas colors throughout the city. The restaurants are decorated with Christmas trees, colorful lights, artificial snow, and strange winter magic. This restaurant provides comfortable beds with warm blankets. You can also order a variety of high-quality New Year dishes from the menu of these restaurants and make the Christmas holidays in Dubai more memorable.

Visit the Wonderland of Winter

Be sure to visit the Madinat Jumeirah Market, which turns into a winter wonderland at Christmas. This is one of Dubai’s most exciting Christmas entertainment venues, with a German-style Christmas market, a Polish train, a snowball throw, and a meeting with Santa Claus.

The Global Village is another Dubai attraction for Christmas that showcases different countries in all 30 booths. Although the World Village Fair is not a seasonal attraction in itself, it is an excellent opportunity to enjoy shopping, festive food, and cultural shows worldwide.

Stay in a cozy ski lodge

You may not believe it, but the best option to reach the white powdery slopes of the Swiss Alps or Colorado is to go to one of the cozy Aspen Ski Chalets at the Kempinski Mall in the UAE. These wooden huts overlook the snowy slopes, from one to three bedrooms, and each can accommodate two, four, or six people.

Amenities available at Aspen Cottages include marble baths, winter amenities, a private waiter, and a fireplace. These arrangements will ensure that you celebrate Christmas in Dubai with a winter atmosphere.

Experience skiing in Dubai

Do not worry about spending the Christmas holidays in Dubai without snow. Dubai is the first region in the Middle East to have a ski slope with a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius. This mountain-themed resort is full of real snow and five downhill slopes for skiers and snowboarders. Even car enthusiasts are not without luck driving in the snow; you will also have the opportunity to meet the penguins.

Selected as the best indoor ski resort in the Middle East for five consecutive years, the Dubai Ski Resort brings the experience of the world’s best ski slopes on its snowy slopes. There, guests are amazed by a spectacular 12-meter-tall Christmas tree, entertained by the pleasant sound of Christmas carols performed by a live choir, and seasoned with sweet seasonal delicacies such as hot cups of hot chocolate, gingerbread. They serve minced meat.

Christmas in Dubai Every year, Dubai skiing turns into a winter wonderland. Happy pastimes, delicious food, Christmas games for kids, bright designs, and seasonal changes are perfect! The magnificent 12-meter tree will come to life on December 1, a stunning superb life. You can decorate Gingerbread cookies, play snowballs, meet Santa Claus, spend your morning in the snow, and your afternoon on the beach. It is as if you have the good of this world and the hereafter together.

Have dinner with the sharks

If you want to have a memorable Christmas day, you can enjoy a unique underwater experience at the Ossiano Restaurant at the Atlantis Hotel. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Safir Lagoon and the life of the ocean creatures with an exquisite seafood menu. Oceano Restaurant is where the world’s most prominent chefs combine art and cuisine. This restaurant is known as one of the essential excellent seafood restaurants in the Middle East, where they cook food using the highest quality ingredients in the world. Most guests are invited for an underwater dream experience and watch the natural aquarium behind the restaurant’s expansive windows. In the meantime, you may hear the phrase, “Are you with me?”

Do you marry?”. Do not be surprised! Because this place is known as one of the most romantic restaurants in the world. New Year’s celebration is also prevalent in this restaurant and is another excellent reason to spend Christmas in Dubai.

Spend Christmas on the beach

With an average of 8 hours of sunshine in December and a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, you will still have a white Christmas in Dubai. But not a Christmas with white snow, but a Christmas on the beach with white sand. Relax in the sun and get as much vitamin D as you can. This is one of the most memorable Christmas entertainment in Dubai that you will not find anywhere. Of course, you should not forget about sunscreen. Enjoy the beach views at sunset and experience some traditional Arabic cuisine.

Do Eid souvenirs and shopping safely

Do you always do your Christmas shopping at 90 minutes? No problem, despite the vast shopping malls such as the Mall of the Emirates, you have many options on the table. You can do all your shopping from one place, and you do not need to flip through different parts of the city for each item. So say goodbye to hurried shopping, long queues, and restricted items on Christmas Eve and enjoy a Dubai-style Christmas shopping experience.

Select the theater option

Dubai Entertainment Department holds several extraordinary concerts throughout the year and is no exception during the New Year celebrations. Whether you want to see a traditional or pop music concert or are interested in creative theaters, the Christmas holidays in Dubai have it all for you. Look for pantomimes on Christmas day as well, as they are great for both children and families.

Shop for Christmas and Dubai entertainment tours

Now that you have decided to choose Dubai as your Christmas destination and spend the New Year (winter holidays) in this destination, you can use this list to book your desired tour and entertainment.

The last word

Whether you are doing winter sports on a ski slope, eating candy in the Wonderland, or eating with whales and sharks, the Christmas holidays in Dubai will never be boring. Although the United Arab Emirates is a predominantly Muslim region, other religious festivals, including Christmas, are celebrated with great pomp. Dubai is now a multicultural city, embracing colorful lights and Christmas entertainment.

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