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January 6, 2022


Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, is one of the most modern cities globally. This bustling city is located in the south of our beloved country, Iran, and has a beautiful collection of the best and most exciting tourist attractions in the Middle East. Of course, the beauty of Dubai has reached not only the people of the region but also the ears of the world, and many wealthy foreign tourists choose the Dubai tour for a luxurious and memorable trip. As you know, Iranians go to this beautiful Arab city on the shores of the Persian Gulf every year. Dubai has a hot climate. Traveling in the summer can be very frustrating. Unlike winter and early spring, the weather is mild and mild. It is not wrong to know that Dubai was just a tiny area in the beginning. With the discovery of oil resources in 1966, the city developed significantly economically. Today at Dubai International Airport, all flights from major cities in the world and other countries are done directly. Despite the enormous oil resources around Dubai, only 6% of the modern city’s revenue comes from crude oil exports, so Dubai’s economy is certainly not dependent on oil resources. Tourism accounts for a large share of revenue generation. The city is responsible for constructing commercial buildings. Dubai hotels also receive more than one million travelers each year, and the most significant number of tourists in the first days of the New Year in We see this city. This agency is also one of the direct operators of foreign trips. Different packages, hotels, flights can be your best guide for traveling to Dubai.

This beautiful city has many entertainment and scenic places, each of which has its unique charm, which is why the relatively fledgling tourism industry is the best and most effective source of income in this city, and many interested people and travelers every year. And other places to visit the magnificent places to travel to this dream city and know that a week stays in the tall and beautiful towers with full amenities may be the dream of every person. We know that the beach scenery The city is very eye-catching and unique, and the warm climate of Dubai not only does not diminish the charm of this area but also adds to the beauty of the city’s beaches. In Dubai restaurants, you can taste delicious dishes such as seafood, Arabic, European, and different dishes.

Despite Dubai’s vast oil resources, only six percent of the modern city’s revenue comes from crude oil exports.

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