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January 13, 2022

Rent a house in Dubai 2020

Whether you are looking for an apartment in the city center or a country house villa in the suburbs, there is a suitable property for you.

The situation of the rental market in Dubai

The year 2020 was very turbulent. However, if you are looking to move house (for Corona or other reasons), the market is still trading. It is estimated that the cost of renting apartments has dropped by up to 10% annually. At the same time, villa rents have fallen by less than seven percent.

Addit Guri, Strategic Consulting and Research at Cavendish Maxwell, says the UAE market is more stable than at the beginning of the year, and rents are expected to stabilize in the rest of the year and the first half of 2021 (primarily insignificant regions).

“In general, the demand for townhouses and villas in areas like Dubai Hills has increased, resulting in more stable rents,” he said. At the same time, apartments have seen significant rents in most areas, especially in non-core locations.

The tenants are aware of the real estate market and the impact that Quid 19 has had. They know their opportunity and use the annual rent reduction and price to renegotiate the rent. In general, this has led to more competition in the real estate market. “

“After a strong start to the year through April, there was a major apparent disruption due to Quaid 19, which had a significant impact,” said Simon Boden, Savills Residential Manager at Savills. These effects were due to movement and movement limitations.

At the end of May, with the re-entry of customers who were unable to move due to restrictions, market activity grew month by month. Also, the tenants who lived in the apartments went to rent a villa. It is because rents are lower and people spend more time in their homes.

One of the highlights for us this year is the re-demand for villas and properties that offer outdoor spaces such as gardens or large balconies. “This is in contrast to previous years when smaller studios or units were statistically more attractive.”

Check your next move.

“The rental market started great in early 2020 but came to a halt due to the Coronavirus,” said the CEO of Allsopp & Allsopp. As a result, customers could no longer see new homes or relocate. As a result, the rental market came to a standstill. forced many tenants to extend their lease for a few more months. “Several landlords have negotiated rent reductions, and new contracts have often been done by adding free monthly rent as an incentive.”

He adds that the rental market is expected to be stable by the end of the year.

“Prices are stabilizing, and fewer tenants are looking for a quick transfer. I also expect the number of owners who accept multiple checks to increase. This issue has increased over the past few years. “However, landlords looking to rent their property quickly at a reasonable price should be more flexible about how they pay their rent.”

Dubai has many options regarding moving house and renting a new property, so it is essential to research.

To get a good look at the different areas and the realistic rental prices in each, look around the real estate portal. Before choosing a home to visit, explore the area. The property you have viewed online and like maybe slightly different. Then, find an intermediary you trust. “He can have good information about the area you want in the market.”

He agrees that research is essential.

This can include school/workplace arrival times, local shops, local facilities, parking, food delivery options, and security. Take your time to visit and watch at different times of the day. Is there enough natural light? Is it noisy at certain times of the day? Is there enough parking after work or on weekends? It is essential to take the time and review the condition of a property before making a decision and signing a contract. “

He also recommends checking who is responsible for maintenance and ensuring it is fully listed in your contract.

“Be careful when concluding a contract. Make sure your dealership is reputable and has RERA as well as the brokerages they represent. Never write cheque rent payments in someone else’s name other than the name on the title deed, and this must match the owner’s passport version. A reputable broker has no problem sharing this with you. The agency commission amount can be paid to the representative company and do not pay the person in cash.”

Best house rental price in Dubai

Dubai Hills has recently gained popularity. Rent reductions have been observed in Dubai Land, Sport City Dubai, Jumeirah Village Circle, and Dubai Production City.

“There are great prices on the market in many parts of Dubai,” says Allsopp. For example, in Damac Hills, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment for 50,000 dirhams, in Townsquare, a one-bedroom apartment for 40,000 dirhams, and in Mira Osis, a three-bedroom townhouse with a large garden for 90,000 dirhams. “All of these areas are relatively new and offer modern living with a range of facilities, including swimming pools and community areas.”

However, key communities such as downtown Palm Jumeirah

And Dubai Marina is still as popular as ever and highly valued for money.

“Pricing in Dubai is now as reasonable as in previous years. There are many options, from studios to large-scale villas. For example, there are options around 20,000 dirhams in Sports City Dubai for a studio. Single-bed apartments in Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) start at 35,000 to 40,000 dirhams. This area has always been popular with links close to Dubai Marina and Dubai Metro.

“Dubai Marina has always been one of the most popular places to live in Dubai, and higher prices reflect that. However, two-bedroom units in the area now cost AED 60,000. If you need a garden, a villa/house should be in your mind. “Before, the options were much more expensive at the Dubai Marina, but now prices start at around 70,000 to 75,000 dirhams.”

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