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January 6, 2022

The culture and customs of the people of Dubai

The culture and customs of the people of Dubai have solid roots in the Arab Islamic tradition, and as you know, Islam is more than a tradition. It is a way of life that governs all worldly life from dressing to eating and drinking, so UAE culture and heritage are closely related to its religion. However, the UAE, along with the country’s Islamic and official culture, welcomes and leaves tourists free in all cases, for example, serving alcohol in hotels and clubs. At night, dressing freely and the like are also less discriminatory for women, and the people are very polite and hospitable. Tourists encounter the warm and friendly behavior of the Emirati people, and you can see that different nationalities can have problems with each other. However, they live and work together.

That polygamy is legal and practiced in the UAE because Islam allows men to have four wives simultaneously. Nevertheless, despite the UAE’s rapid economic growth over the past thirty years, its leaders are eager to promote cultural events. And sports that reflect their traditions, for the article can be referred to as hunting with hawks, camel riding, or the rite of passage of Arabic culture in the poetry of dance, songs, and traditional arts acclaimed and celebrations and weddings Sur are colorful events of music and banquets.

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